Rice Pudding


Baked Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a dish made from rice mixed with water or milk and other ingredients such as cinnamon and raisins. Different variants are used for either desserts or dinners. When used as a dessert, it is commonly combined with a sweetener such as sugar. Such desserts are found on many continents, especially Asia where rice is a staple.

I have given you a baked method and a boiled method, my personal preference is baked but either method has the same outcome however, the baked method you get the skin on top.



175 gm Short grain rice
1.75 Litre Milk
75 gm Sugar
10 gm Butter or margarine


1. Wash the rice and put it with the milk and sugar in to a baking dish.
2. Add a knob of butter or margarine and a little grated nutmeg and bake in an oven at 150°C for 2 hours.




160 gm Short grain rice
1.75 litre Milk
75 g Sugar
Dash Of Cream


1. Wash the rice.
2. Bring the milk to the boil, add the rice and sugar cover with a lid then reduce the heat and simmer gently until the grains of rice are tender, approximately 1 hour.
3. Serve the rice in a warm dish with a little grated nutmeg sprinkled on the surface.

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