Iced Tomato Cocktail


Iced Tomato Cocktail

This Drink is better when made in advance, as it needs time to freeze then slowly defrost to get the full affect, alternatively you could just use finely crushed ice instead of freezing…

Portion Size: 6


500 ml Tomato Juice
A few drops of worcestershire sauce
3 Tablespoons of Medium Dry Sherry
3 Tablespoons of Vodka
A Few drops of tabasco sauce
Celery Salt
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Lemon And Cucumber Slices, To Garnish.


1. Put all ingredients into a blender, or into a large bowl and use a handstick blender, blend until all ingredients are well combined.
2. Pour all the mix into a rigid (firm container) /freezer trays, and freeze for approx 2-3 hours or until firm around the edges.
3. Remove from freezer and using a fork beat the mixture until evenly blended, and return to the freezer for 3-4 hours until firmly frozen.

To Serve:

1. About 2 hours before your ready to serve, remove from freezer and allow to slowly soften slightly.
2. Spoon the mixture into individual glasses and garnish each with a slice of lemon and cucumber.

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