Homemade Garlic Breaded Mushrooms


Homemade Garlic Breaded Mushrooms

This is an amazing Starter, for any meal or party very simple to make with amazing result’s your guest/family will be in awe, Homemade at it’s best.

Serves: 4


24 Small whole mushrooms (6 per portion)
150 gm Plain Flour (Seasoned With Salt & Pepper)
5 Eggs
150 gm White Breadcrumbs
10 gm Garlic Puree


1. Beat your eggs together and add the garlic puree, whisk to combine.
2. Get you Flour, eggs and breadcrumbs ready.
3. Remove the stalks from all the mushrooms, rinse them clean under cold water and dab them dry with kitchen roll.
4. Placce the mushrooms in the flour, coat them in egg then lastly coat in breadbrumbs.(you should do them individually one at a time to ensure a good coat ).
5. Heat your oil in your fat fryer/pan, test the oil is hot enough by dropping a small ball of breadcrumb mix and watch it sizzle.(Hot oil is dangerous, do not leave unattended.)
6. Deep fry the mushrooms until golden brown in colour, turn the mushrooms if needed to ensure cooked throughout.
7. Remove from fryer and repeat process until all mushrooms are cooked, place on kitchen roll to catch any remaining oil.
8. Serve With a few of your Favourite Dips, Garlic Mayonnaise, Sweet chilli sauce, BBQ Sauce.

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